Calling all Animal Lovers

Date: March 16, 2020
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Planning your stay in Big Sur this spring? Are you an animal lover at heart? If you are, then this time of year is the perfect time to plan your visit at Big Sur Lodge. You have the chance to view some of nature’s most beautiful and gentle creatures: gray whales. The whales are heading back toward the Arctic come this spring season and often pass by Big Sur rather closely to the shore with their new pups.

Gray whales, found only in the Pacific Ocean, are medium-sized whales that reach up to 45 ft in length: that’s longer than a school bus! Although they can stay submerged for up to 15 minutes, hey surface every three to five minutes for air, so there’s no way to miss one!

These amazing mammals have one of the longest migrations and have amazingly turned back from the brink of extinction. They are truly majestic and can be seen from numerous spots around the Big Sur area, including Pfeiffer State Park. There is a trail taking you out to a point absolutely perfect for whale watching, where you also have a fantastic view of McWay Falls.

Book your stay at Big Sur Lodge for a perfect spring getaway, but don’t forget your binoculars this year! This is truly a sight to see.

gray whale 2